I'm the author of two poetry chapbooks, Bad Baby and Too Many Humans of New York, as well as Memento Mori, a poem/comic collaboration with Evan Johnston. You can purchase Bad Baby from the dancing girl press website and Too Many Humans of New York from the Bunky’s Books website.

You can also find one or more of these chapbooks at the following bookstores (and let me know if you spot it somewhere else!):

New York City: McNally Jackson, Bluestockings, Carmine St. Comics, Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop

Milwaukee: Woodland Pattern

Neenah: Thomas A. Lyons Fine Books

Santa Monica: Small World Books

St. Louis: Bunky’s Books


My first chapbook.

 "Welhouse’s imagery is lively and she navigates nostalgia without being maudlin, confronting moments of joy and self-doubt in equal measure...cutting as well as lighthearted."

-- Alex Crowley, Boog City


"Raucous, buoyant, and witty...Welhouse’s wit is elevated by keen powers of observation."

-- Eileen Tabios, Galatea Resurrects



My second chapbook.

Description: In the cities and on the screens of the 21st century, the personal is the public, and the public is personal. The poems in Abigail Welhouse’s second chapbook, Too Many Humans of New York, extend and expand the horizons of longing, skepticism, irony, and anxiety that fueled her previous chapbook (Bad Baby). Long poetic lines twist and turn like queues for the city's best pizza in poems that find frustration, bemusement, and delight in the exhilarating and exhausting labyrinth that is New York City.



My poem/comic collaboration with Evan Johnston.